Brian Kelly, guitar and vocals

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on Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and Boston

Based on Cape Cod, Brian has played both acoustic and electric guitars in various bands/duos for 35 years.  He began his solo career 10 years ago while simultaneously maintaining his duo/band work, bringing his expertise on acoustic guitar/vocals to the forefront.  Brian has averaged 70 gigs annually since moving to the Cape in 1983; since 1998,  85%  of his gigs have been in a solo context.  He prides himself on his extensive repertoire, which covers a huge range of music ranging from great audience “favorites” to much less known (but no less appreciated) tunes that you may not associate with your typical solo guitar act.  To add a dash of musical spice, Brian works harmonica into many of those folk-style tunes he covers.  He is also adept at playing fingerpicked instrumental tunes, which he occasionally intersperses to vary the tone of a night’s entertainment.

Appreciative of all good music, Brian covers rock, country, fingerpicked ragtime and folk, reggae, even blues tunes in his solo setting. His enthusiasm for the music is obvious, and clients will always find many of their favorite tunes at his performances. He has played all over southeastern Massachusetts/Cape Cod as a solo guitarist at wedding ceremonies, rehersal dinners, cocktail hours, and retirement parties, including private parties on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. He has done numerous private pool and beach parties, and even a few maritime gigs on private boats/yachts. Over the past 5 years, he has played solo guitar/vocals on the corporate function circuit at the prestigious Ocean Edge Resort (Brewster) and Wequassett Resort (Harwich) on Cape Cod. He now also works summers at the beautiful beachside Red Jacket Resort in Yarmouth. Take a minute to listen to Brian’s music and check out his song list. Give him a call today for your next function; he’ll bring that acoustic and his energy to your gathering, and you’ll be glad he did! Brian also is available to play with other fine musicians in a duo or larger group; please inquire if that is what you'd like to have!


For those looking to begin playing guitar or to continue their lifelong pursuit with it, I’d be happy to teach you.  My lesson sessions are an hour minimum, and for your convenience, I travel to your home. Instruction is either on an individual basis or group lessons (where several interested students of similar ability can meet with me). With over thirty five years of professional performance and a sound background in theory, I am qualified and waiting to guide you down that musical path. Please see more on my Lessons page.

Brian Kelly  •   508-291-5286